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About Us


         For the last 62 years Promoters of Oasis have been providing Tableware. They share such passion for Bone China that they started Oasis in 1994. Since then it has been a passionate journey to provide the Indian as well as the International market with their individual tastes and styles. Since its inception, Oasis has been India's leading Fine Bone China Tableware maker.


         One of the most important factors for success of Oasis as a brand and as a Company has been Innovation. It has allowed the company to reinvent itself time and time again and, in so doing, it has been able to give decisive impulses to both brand and markets. Oasis aspires to retain the best and to break fresh ground whatever the task - optimizing ceramic material, product functionality, product design or production processes. The ultimate user-friendly product with a strong aesthetic appeal, convenience in everyday life and the greatest possible sustainability is at the forefront of its innovation activities.

         Oasis was so well received that in 2005, Oasis set up a new Industry leading plant in Gujarat at three times the original capacity with better manufacturing facilities to meet the rising demand from its customers. Esteemed customers are welcome at Oasis where a bond of fair business relationship and highest of service is the norm.

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